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Stewart Golf R1-S Push

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The NEW R1-S Push is a British designed and built push cart packed with useful design features and European elegance. The patented folding system allows the cart to be opened and closed in seconds, and the innovative design allows virtually any stand, cart or tour bag to be used.

During an intensive design and development process, every component in the R1-S Push has been specifically created for its purpose; not a single component is borrowed from any other cart.

Key features:

  • Hand built in Great Britain
  • Simple two step folding system
  • Tiny folded size will fit in to any trunk
  • Extensive standard features including:
      • Umbrella holder
      • Golf ball holder
      • Scorecard holder
      • Ball marker
      • 4 accessory points
      • Soft touch handle
      • Bottle holder
  • Oversized console with soft touch handle
  • Fully adjustable handle height for golfers of all sizes
  • For use with any golf bag thanks to adjustable and padded bag jaws that eliminate bag twist
  • Simple foot operated parking brake
  • Patented Rack & Pinion folding system hides the mechanism inside the lower tube, resulting in a clean & uncluttered aesthetic
  • Lightweight, weather resistant, aluminum powder coated frame
  • Lightweight, solid foam, maintenance free tires
  • Folded dimension (with wheels): 20" x 19" x 14"
  • Folded dimension (with 3 quick release wheels removed): 11" x 25" x 13"
  • Weight 18lbs



Q: Is the R1-S Push really built in Great Britain?
A: Yes every single one is built by hand in Gloucestershire, just like our exclusive X & F Series powered products. Parts for the R1 Push are made by specialist manufacturers across the world, and then assembled by hand right here in Great Britain. This allows us to ensure every product meets our exacting standards before it reaches you.

Q: What do you mean, “can hold any bag”?
A: Many golfers who use a push cart also like to carry sometimes. Stand/carry bags usually have a leg mechanism which then does not sit properly on a cart. We have designed our bag jaws to grip the bags outer edges, allowing the mechanism to sit through the middle. This means your bag will be the ‘right way up’, allowing access to your pockets and clubs as the designers intended.

Q: Will I be able to get spare parts?
A: Of course! As we assemble the R1-S Push ourselves we have every part, you can buy these from our website or order from your local distributor.

Q: How should I clean my R1-S Push?
A: You should just use a damp cloth to keep the cart clean from dust or dirt. If your club has an airline you can use this to carefully blow any dust from the visible parts of the mechanism. It is not recommended that you use a pressure washer or hosepipe, water could get in to the tubes or damage the bearings.

Q: Why are the main tubes triangular not round or oval like other carts?
A: Louis Sullivan's famous axiom, “form follows function” is never truer than here. As you can see in the ‘how it works’ section, the rear wheels fold courtesy of two angled racks mated to a flat top rack. These angles are critical to the way the R1-S Push works, so it made sense to create a custom shaped tube to fit the angled racks perfectly.

In order to maintain continuity in the aesthetic, this same profile is used for the main upright tube. In addition, the ball marker also uses the same profile. This both echo’s the main shape of the machine, and also ensures the SG logo is always aligned correctly.

Q: Can I get 'hedgehog' winter wheels for the R1-S Push?
A: Yes you will be able to. These are currently underway and we expect to have them by the time the winter comes around again. If you sign up for the mailing list above or register your warranty, you’ll be emailed as soon as they are available.

Q: Can I adjust the front wheel to make sure it runs straight?
A: No. The R1 Push has been engineered for consistent build quality, which means the front wheel is assembled perfectly in line with the cart.

Q: Why is it called the R1-S Push?
A: The 'R' stands for 'rack' as this is the basis of the design, and '1' is because this is the first of a brand new design. The 'R' also stands for 'Ross' which is the first name of our Chairman Ross Stewart, who came up with the rack & pinion folding concept. 

Q: Why should I walk the golf course?
A: Because walking the course is by far the best way to play. Not only does walking have significant health benefits, it also allows golfers to better assess the next shot with greater preparation times. So why not play better and feel better?!  



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