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A good walk spoiled...

Mark Twain apparently once said that "golf is a good walk spoiled". So whilst he wasn't necessarily a fan of golf, he was clearly a fan of walking! 

Of course as a walking cart (or trolley) manufacturer, here at Stewart Golf we're biased to walking golf as opposed to riding in a cart. Here are some of our favourite reasons that walking golf is better than riding golf. 


1. Pro golfers walk

Rory, Jordan, Tiger etc walk the course. Walking to your ball gives you time to visualise your next shot, giving you valuable thinking & processing time. Racing to your ball around the cart path can leave you unprepared for your next shot. Sure Rory doesn't carry his bag, but with a Stewart walking cart, neither will you! 


2. Walking is more sociable

Most riding carts in the US are designed for 2 people - so unless you're on the tee or green you're not interacting with your playing partners. Walking the course means that you'll chat with all of your group depending where you hit your ball. 


3. Walking is just nicer

Golf courses are almost by definition beautiful places, so why whizz past them at 20mph when you could see them from the middle of the fairway (hopefully!). While Mark Twain thought golf was a good walk spoiled, think of it more as a good round of golf made even better! 


4. It's healthier

If you spend a little time searching the web, you'll find countless studies and articles on why you ought to walk the course. You'll burn more calories, get your heart working. After all, walking is the most fundamental form of exercise. 


5. Walking with a cart is better than carrying

Many golfers who already walk think they are getting more benefit by carrying a golf bag and walking. At best this increases fatigue which can show on the last 5 holes, but at worst it can contribute to back pain and muscular injuries. 


David Fay, former president of the USGA, wrote, "We strongly believe that walking is the most enjoyable way to play golf and that the use of carts is detrimental to the game."


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